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Enhance the Holiday Shopping Experience This Season with Colorado Storage Rental

Sometimes, the best part of shopping for the holiday season isn’t what you are purchasing for your friends and loved ones. Often, it’s about where you are buying the gifts for your friends and loved ones.

We live in a world where we’re always looking for the next big trend in everything we do. And that’s not a bad thing—it’s fun to explore new things, to challenge our creativity, and take the familiar and turn it upside down. Now, it’s time to put a spin on holiday shopping. While it’s still a viable option to go to a local retail store, a shopping mall, or even shop on your computer from the comfort of your living room, why not try something new this year?

We love what a lot of businesses are doing this holiday season; they are setting up shop in a shipping container. While it sounds crazy, it not only serves as a functional space for many companies, but it’s a unique way to present your products that will get people talking. Talk about an Instagram worthy shopping trip!

Take Crafted Company in Christchurch, New Zealand. This is a company that knows how to have a good time in presenting their product. By welding together several shipping containers, they created a two-story coffee house that is the focal point of their local mall. And what about The Yard in San Francisco? This structure has become a real anchor to the Mission Rock neighborhood in the few short months since it’s opening.

With Colorado Storage Rental and Sales, you or your business have the option of being included in on this fund trend. Have you been looking for a creative way to set up a storefront this holiday season for your business? We would be happy to help you create a memorable space for your business and a great shopping experience for your customer base. We offer both 20’ and 40’ shipping container sizes, in addition to providing 40’ and 45’ cube sizes. That’s plenty of room to display your products and have your clients comfortably shop and browse. Our conex boxes and shipping containers are portable steel structures that are great not only for secure, onsite storage, but they are wind, water, rodent and thief resistant.

Give your customers the gift of a fun and inventive holiday shopping experience. Contact Colorado Storage at 970-261-2936 to stay on trend this season.

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