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Pack and Store Your Items Away Creatively

Have you ever been encouraged to “think outside the box?” It’s something that I’m sure you’ve heard at some point: maybe you heard it during a business meeting, when your boss was encouraging you and your co-workers to come up with fresh ideas. Perhaps you heard it when you were planning a grand party, when you wanted to do everything possible to come up with creative ways to set your gathering apart from the rest. But I bet you’ve never heard the phrase “think outside the box” when it comes to, well, boxes.

Think Outside the Box

A box, something we rely on daily to store our essential items, doesn’t have to be bland. In fact, a box can be just the opposite. Think of a box as, yes, a storage container, but its design and functionality can be as exciting as the contents inside the box itself.

This is a philosophy that we at Colorado Storage Rental live by on a daily basis. While we are proud to provide storage solutions for our valued customers, we believe that storing your possessions is the opposite of dull. And luckily, there are certain companies that make the concept of storage and packing away your items exciting and inspiring.

One company that we’ve really been keeping our eye on is Muvbox—if you have the opportunity to explore their website, as we have, you’ll see that they certainly know a thing or two about storing equipment with fun and pizazz. We are blown away, and yes, inspired, by their exceptional use of color and design to give a whole new meaning to what a box can do. Need further convincing? Take a look at this awesome video, that exemplifies what can be achieved with a little creativity.

Why place your treasured items in a boring container? There’s nothing wrong with getting creative, having a little fun, and thinking outside the box. And that philosophy can especially be applied to packing. And what better place to keep your fun, creative containers than within your storage unit at Colorado Storage Rental? Call us know at 970-261-2936 or see our exceptional storage solutions in person at 2525 West Pinyon Avenue in the heart of Grand Junction.

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