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I Didn’t Know You Could Use a Shipping Container for That!

The tiny house craze has put shipping containers on the map as an economical and functional way to create a home living space. Designers have come up with a plethora of innovative ways to use these spaces in both comfortable and economical ways. Shipping container homes have led others to think outside the box for additional uses for these versatile storage units.

  1. School usage – With a decrease in school budgets, many districts are seeking economical ways to increase space without incurring a large construction costs. A shipping container is a great solution to this problem with a modular design that also lends itself to future growth.

  2. Student housing – In addition to school classroom spaces, many colleges and universities are struggling to provide housing for students. Just as a shipping container makes an ideal tiny home, it can also provide housing for students with a smaller economic impact for the university.

  3. Hotels – Because of their modular design, shipping containers provide a great space for modern hotel structures. Their industrial look is perfect for a boutique hotel seeking to capitalize on this architectural trend.

  4. Work space – In areas where basements are not part of the construction process, it may be difficult to find spaces for projects. A shipping container is a great open space to create a workshop for carpentry, artist’s studios or even crafting.

  5. Home office – Are you looking for an office space that is away from it all, yet still provides the convenience of working from home? Shipping containers can be conveniently placed on your property giving you a quick commute with a “work in your pajamas” atmosphere.

  6. First aid area – Special events such as festivals, endurance races and community celebrations frequently need first aid areas in case participants need support. A shipping container can be modified with modern conveniences to provide a safe and comfortable space for medical attention.

  7. Rest rooms – Similar to a need for first aid facilities, special events also require the use of portable toilets. Shipping containers can be modified to create a hygienic space that can be quickly wheeled in and out of the event.

Are you looking for a shipping container for one of these uses or another creative idea? Contact Colorado Storage Rental & Sales to learn more about our shipping container rental and purchasing options.

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