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Shipping Containers as Pools Making a Splash!

Storage container pool

When most people think of shipping containers, they think of the very practical uses for them - long term storage, transportation and containment for a move, storing extras to present a clutter free house, and even a kiosk or tiny home. However, one of the most popular uses has emerged recently and it is using a shipping container as a swimming pool. You might be thinking “Why would I want to swim in a shipping container?!”

Well, if you can stop shaking your head we will list a couple of reasons why.

  • You get choices. They can be installed above ground or inground.

  • They are affordable and a great value for the money. Seriously, who has the extra $35,000 to $50,000 in their budget? This is just a start up cost. Maintenance, neighborhood association rules, and chemical upkeep can run up the bill even more.

  • Perfect dimensions. The rectangular cargo containers make for superb pool facilities both with their originally-constructed length and depth.

  • Eco-friendly. All built with recyclable materials. In addition, since you are not building a pool from scratch, you are not using concrete and other building materials, helping the environment.

  • Aesthetics. The intermodal look creates a clean proportionate design that is visually pleasing. The facades are often remade to incorporate a wood look for those choosing an above ground pool.

  • Speed. Because the unit is already built with a filtration system and staircase, the setup usually takes less than a day. Compare this to building an inground pool, which can take at minimum 4-6 weeks (add more time for a patio etc.)

  • Sustainability. Not only eco friendly, but built with the usual strength and portability of shipping containers.

  • Relocatable. The very nature of a shipping container is that that are rather easy to move around. Whether these are above ground or inground, they are easily movable

  • Still wondering? You can see how this works with our video.

Who hasn’t encountered a hot day and thought that a pool would be great right now? At Colorado Storage Solutions, we can provide that pool for you which is affordable, sustainable and looks great!

At Colorado Storage we wake up each morning thinking about how we can better service our customers! Our portable storage containers offer a wide variety of possibilities whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent storage solution.

Call us at (970) 261-2936.

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