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What Would You Store in Your Shipping Container?

When it comes to storage, shipping containers probably aren’t the first thing you think of. Using them for mass cargo shipping is the first thing that comes to mind, but many people do not consider the other storage possibilities.

Storage containers stacked

  • Temporary garage – Do you have a classic car that you don’t drive regularly? Perhaps you have more vehicles than available garage space. A shipping container is the perfect size to safely store your car or other vehicles when not in use.

  • Storage before a move – One of the first things a REALTOR will tell you when preparing your home for sale is to de-personalize the surroundings, empty closets, basements and garages and give a more open and airy feel. A shipping container is the perfect place to house these items while you are waiting to move. Additionally, if you are thinking about renovating your home, a shipping container allows you to easily and safely store furniture and other items just outside your house until the project is complete.

  • Farm equipment – A storage container can be conveniently stacked with other containers to make quick and easy farm storage. It is the perfect place to store a tractor, extra feed, tack and other gear for horses or livestock.

  • Garden shed – Do you need a place to pot plants and store your gardening equipment? A shipping container is the perfect size to create a garden shed. Add benches and a potting table to keep seedlings safe until they are ready to plant outside.

  • Sporting goods – Skis, bikes and other outdoor gear that is often a part of enjoying Colorado recreation can take up a lot of space in your home. An outdoor storage location such as a shipping container allows you to keep all your adventure equipment in one place.

  • Special events storage – A once a year special event can come with a lot equipment. Storing gear for road races, festivals, charity events and other occasions can be quite costly if you are paying for year round accommodations. A shipping container can easily save you thousands of dollars in monthly rental fees.

No matter what you need to store, a shipping container is the ideal spot to put it. Contact Colorado Storage Rental and Sales to learn more about purchasing or renting a shipping container for your storage needs.

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